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Volleyball Season

Within these volleyball communities there are tight social frameworks of teammates, friends, parents, coaches and volunteers that exist with distinct lifestyle needs. Leveraged strategically, these volleyball tournaments can provide a streamlined vehicle for your organization to build value for your brand(s), drive sales and provide rewarding experiences to customers. This social network is engaged in regular, ongoing activities like practices, competition, travel and spending free time with peers in large groups which is characteristic of the lifestyle and it offers great touch points for sponsors. 50 million kids ages 5-18 participate in at least one sports activity regularly and these participants and their families spend billions of dollars every year supporting their sports and activities. Upcoming Volleyball schedule.

Central Zone Invitational, Indianapolis January 23-24

President's Day Classic, St. Louis February 13-15

Nike Mid-East Volleyball Qualifiers St. Louis March 11-13

Nike Mid-East Volleyball Qualifiers Indianapolis March 18-20

Can-Am Classic, Detroit May 7-8

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