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Q Skatepark Open Christmas Eve

Q Skatepark will be open on Christmas Eve (December 24th) from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Admission is $7/day. We do have two offers where you can purchase admission to the park in bulk that are good any time the park is open that do not expire and it will give you a discount. You can purchase online or on-site at the Park. There is a service fee for purchasing online if you go that route. You will receive a punch card with either 25 admissions for $100 or 10 admissions for $50. You can get the punch card at the Park or we can mail to you.

Safety of those that attend the park is our first priority. Helmets required for ages 17 and under. Helmets and protective gear recommended for everyone. We have helmets you can rent at the Park. Everyone signs a participant liability waiver. Parents/Guardian of children 17 and under MUST sign the participant liability waiver and give their consent. Bring your ID's.

The Park has a lot of features for beginner to intermediate level skaters. We will be using an additional room (yet to be named) for skateboarding when there are no special events schedule. This area will be more street. The Park does have heat although it will be kept well below room temperature so bring long-sleeves if you get cold easy. There will be places to sit, locations to charge phones, restrooms (one is under construction), parking available in front and on both sides of the building. We will have some drinks for sale for now and adjust to the needs of people that attend the Park. Wi-fi is not in yet but will be soon.

Enter off of Stout Field East Drive. Signage is not up yet on the building. Look for the Sequence Sports sign. There is an area to sit and watch (no charge) during open skates and lessons. You just cannot go onto the skating area or on the ramps. Check back in the next couple days as we will be offering FREE group skate lessons to start. Thank you to those that have reached out on social media. We hope to fill a need and provide a great experience for all that attend.

Q Skatepark

1727 Stout Field East Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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